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When Digital leads to emotionnal

So yesterday has started the Global Forum/Shaping the Futur here in Trieste. This forum is as an independent high profile international think-tank dedicated to Business and Policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Digital Society.

The first day has been dedicated to present the digital enablers and then to  digital transformatins Public Sector is facing nowaday.

This first conference day was full of interesting insights. But when it came to share a piece of this day on this blog, I have rather decided to talk about the evening event.

On the occasion of this Global Forum the Stock Weinberg Foundation has decided to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Guiseppe Verdi (1àth October 1813à and therefore has the great pleasure to host for the forum attendees a Verdi Gala Conerct featuring a slection of music from his operas.

So in the middle of two days dedicated to high-level thoughts around digital transformations, we have attended this amazing concert of Verdi operas. This has brought me to the fact that there is one thing that will never ever go digital: emotion.

Even in a full digital world we, as human being, will continue enjoying non-digital feelings genius Creators like Verdi have been able to transmit year after year, generation after generation.

Thanks to digital innovations, I can share with you a piece of this emotional moment but one thing is for sure, emotion will never go digital for human being sake.

Optimize your Business Process and accelerate Digital Transformations: Convergence EMEA 2013

In a week time, Convergence EMEA 2013 will open its door at Barcelona!

Convergence EMEA is the premier event for the Microsoft Business Solution community in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa–where opportunity and innovation meet to deliver real business value.

It’s the chance to make key business connections and to discover the full potential of  Microsoft Dynamics solutions which are at the heart of any digitalization process.

There’s no better way to get energized and network with others organizations which are willing to optimize their business processes and accelerate their digital transformations.

To help organizations gain a deeper understanding of the direction and roadmap to the future of Microsoft Dynamics, Tuesday’s keynote will feature Microsoft executive Kirill Tatarinov, executive vice president, Microsoft Business Solutions Group, who will present the latest perspectives on the advancement of business solutions into the cloud together with Jean-Philippe Courtois, President Microsoft International.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and join us at Convergence EMEA 2013 from the 4th to the 6th of November at Barcelona or virtually,

More live info available on twitter @MSFTConvergence #conv13EMEA



Digital Transformation: We haven’t seen anything yet!

Global Forum is starting tomorrow: Join us to shape the future of the digital society

Tomorrow, the “Global Forum” will open its door at Trieste, Italia.

The « Global Forum/Shaping the Future » is as an independent high profile international think-tank dedicated to Business and Policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Digital Society.

During two days, conférences and discussions will occur to shape with customers, partners, government représentatives what shall be the future of our world in this digital context. This will also be a unique opportunity to create and developp networks for digital actors (Agenda available here)

Women in Leadership will lead a session on Tuesday monrning at 8.30 am to higlight what is the role women will have in the digitalization of our society.

Wil we meet you there?

Connect with your customers without compromise!

Digital is an opportunity for Diversity (gender first but not only)!

Microsoft France Diversity team recently organized an innovative event dedicated to Digital & Diversity!

The goal of this event was to demonstrate to our customers and partners how transformation to digital will bring women back to careers by providing innovative workplace environments and behaviours where work/life balance can be achieved without compromises.

The tone was set to look positively at the topic of the opportunity that digitalization brings to help improve diversity (gender particularly) in the workplace, and stop complaining about metrics and lack of progress. The way the subject was treated was really attractive and brought a brand new outlook, starting with a new market research on the contents of women’s handbags J

The research involved 35 women over 5 countries opening their handbag, exposing and explaining the reasons, often personal, for each object’s presence. From this “Handbag Study”  4 emotional profiles were derived and related to is segmentation, 4 innovative trends to implement.

Following this unusual research presentation (lively and very relevant to the audience),a “saynète” has been played showing how Digital Apps can help replace most of the usages that the content of a woman’s handbag provides, with fewer HW companions : a Windows Phone and Surface Tablet and all the appropriate Apps for each need. Again, this was done in a theatre-style way, with real life examples from her daily experience and showing the evolution of their handbag’s content on stage. Effectively evolving from a physical to a “digital handbag”.

A practical way to show how Digital can support better WLB, agility and productivity.

Finally, a photograph exhibition of French “Women in Digital” was presented by the photographer (also a French high tech influencer) to help promote role-models for other women or girls looking to work in Digital. An artistic encouragement that shows the diversity of roles and often senior positions that women hold today in France. The physical exhibition is on loan in different locations and also exists online  and the author (Olivier Ezratty) is now keen to expand the collection internationally. Contact details on the website.

All in all, 3 innovative angles to look at the bright side of Diversity and how Digital evolves the landscape.

Who was in the audience & next steps

Over 300 customers and partners among which CMO, Digital, Communication and HR leads but also CFOs and CEOs came to the conference in our offices. The key message  was very well received : “Digital is an opportunity for Diversity” and since then several discussions around how to leverage digitalization to address diversity issues have been engaged with participants, in turn leading to technology adoption and business opportunities.

How to leverage?

This is still recent, but given the success more similarly-unusual events are being considered (“what’s in your car’s glove box” for example).

If you would like to leverage this kind of event to engage discussions with your customers, partners or in your  organization, contact me.

Enjoy  this YouTube teaser : (launch and then hit “activate subtitles” button)