Digital is no more an option!

“…the world is changing, it is not about us doing something and customers agreeing, it is about the customer expecting us to do things differently and us delivering…”

The world is now digital:

4.5 billion people on social media, 6.8 billion on mobile, more than 400 million tweets per day about products, services and brands.

Touch points have increased exponentially – there are literally Billions and Billions of touch points.  And each one matters. Whether you count each search, each banner ad or even web visits… those are just a drop in the bucket.  The majority are really made up of every contact, every human and every conversation where anyone can virtually ask everyone anything about you.  Or worse yet, can say anything to anyone at any time about you.  And as if it couldn’t get any worse, it can be viewed by anyone in perpetuity.  That’s right, indelible digital ink. All touch points are not created equal.

Your customers know everything even before you have started engaging them!

They are 57% through the sales cycle before they talk to you, 70% for complex sales cycle! They are unbelievably informed, very savvy in process and highly fickle. This super consumer has become extremely powerful with a nearly unpredictable purchase path. Their access to virtually any data set coupled with the ability to solve complex comparisons, topped off with the ability to instantly validate any of their decisions with the literal “like”, “thumbs up”, happy face, or click of a button – twitter, FB, Yammer, etc.

You will have to create processes to listen, personalize and deliver the best customers experiences!
In fact, Watermark Consulting, a customer experience consultancy and think tank, did an analysis of the five year performance of the Top 10 Leaders and Top 10 Laggards in the Forrester Customer Experience Index versus the broader S&P 500 Index from 2007 to 2011:
The return of the Customer Experience Leaders portfolio was 128% higher than the Laggards, and 27% higher than the S&P 500. Their results strongly suggest that delivering leading customer experience allows these companies to dramatically outperform the market.

So what does it mean to be a Customer Experience Agent (Guru?) Keep posted..more to come in a further post.


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