When Marc Benioff reffers to the “Power of And” of Microsoft

Having my daily look at Twitter I’ve found this tweet from Marc Benioff (CEO@Salesforce.com) :

“Here is an idea from the past that seems relevant for today.  http://www.forbes.com/sites/microsoft/2011/02/15/kundra-outlines-cloud-first-policy-for-u-s-government/ …

The article Mark is referring to is an analysis of a talk by the U.S. Federal Government CIO, Vivek Kundra, in which he touched on the government’s work with cloud computing. And it appears that U.S Federal Government Cloud Strategy was already at this time really aligned with what Microsoft is preconising in term of education on cloud computing: the power of having an “as a service IT” wherever the organisation is choosing to outsource its datas.

Going Digital does not mean sending all datas in public cloud. What will give organisations the power of being responsive is having a responsive IT strategy providing to users efficient, social and connected solutions on demand wherever the data behind  will be located. The datalocation strategy will be a unique equation between public, private and hybrid Cloud.

There are as many cloud strategies as companies and they are all appropropiate as soon as they guarantee information velocity and access anytime from any connected devices.

Therefore, Microsoft as a unique value proposition by providing for every solutions, from productivity suit (0365) to business processes (Dynamics) and Cloud OS (Azure) an on premise, hybrid or public datalocation.

How glad to read the “All in Public Cloud” strategy founder agrees that the appropriate solution to answer customers’ current needs is certainly somewhere in between. And shall it comes from the past, it is definitely the present and future for Customer Companies.


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