When Digital leads to emotionnal

So yesterday has started the Global Forum/Shaping the Futur here in Trieste. This forum is as an independent high profile international think-tank dedicated to Business and Policy issues affecting the successful evolution of the Digital Society.

The first day has been dedicated to present the digital enablers and then to  digital transformatins Public Sector is facing nowaday.

This first conference day was full of interesting insights. But when it came to share a piece of this day on this blog, I have rather decided to talk about the evening event.

On the occasion of this Global Forum the Stock Weinberg Foundation has decided to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Guiseppe Verdi (1àth October 1813à and therefore has the great pleasure to host for the forum attendees a Verdi Gala Conerct featuring a slection of music from his operas.

So in the middle of two days dedicated to high-level thoughts around digital transformations, we have attended this amazing concert of Verdi operas. This has brought me to the fact that there is one thing that will never ever go digital: emotion.

Even in a full digital world we, as human being, will continue enjoying non-digital feelings genius Creators like Verdi have been able to transmit year after year, generation after generation.

Thanks to digital innovations, I can share with you a piece of this emotional moment but one thing is for sure, emotion will never go digital for human being sake.


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