Will Digital impact the way we dress?

During a really interesting discussion I had today on how digital will impact our daily life in the years to come, I have been asked if people will dress differently in the new digital world.

The first thing that came into my mind has been: “why and how digitalization will make me change the way I dress? What’s the link between my favorite black dress and high-heel shoes and the fact the the world is going digital?”

But this question has been asked in purpose because YES indeed digital is already changing the way we dress by bringing in our dressings wearable tech which are transforming our interactions with the world. And this is has started years ago already.

Wearable devices have been around for much longer than the wave of product announcements that recently occurred. The term was used as early as the 1990s. Wearables such as pace makers have been used widely in health care for many years. In fact, the first computers became commercially available in 1974 when the first wristwatch with a digital display was unveiled.

The wearable device market encompasses much more than smartphones and smartwatches. The market ranges from clothing to glasses to sports/activity trackers to 3D-motion trackers to wearable cameras.

Combinations of these products are already being brought to market, such as a health tracker embedded in a runner’s shoe, and glasses that can record and upload videos as well as do Internet searches. Another potential application is a wearable device embedded in a person’s teeth that can monitor what food is consumed and the number of bites taken. Indeed, this market spans multiple industries, applications, and devices. And it comes to clothes with Smart PJs, garments made of fabrics that “become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people”, or stealth wear.

And according to Forbes, 2014 will be The year of wearable technology!

This is another amazing imprint of digital in our daily life and even if there is no way I will separate from my black dress, I will probably add a smartwatch on my wrist and why not one day a “tweeting Bra“.




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