How to turn Social sentiment into opportunity

your brand sux

In today’s social and mobile world, you may encounter negative sentiment at some point during the life of your business. In this latest e-book Your Brand Sux, we focus on how to reap the rewards of customer feedback on social, even if it isn’t always positive.

Things you’ll learn:

  • Tracking brand sentiment
  • Tips to improve engagement
  • Best practices for global brands
  • And more tips for developing amazing customer expériences

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Banks at risk if don’t embrace Digital Transformation

“The core challenge for banks: how to build a seamless digital customer experience — and optimize its power with a better and more cost-effective complimentary offering in the branches that customers find so attractive”

Reasons to stay with branch

How to become a Customer Experience Guru?

Watermark Consulting, a customer experience consultancy and think tank, did an analysis of the five year performance of the Top 10 Leaders and Top 10 Laggards in the Forrester Customer Experience Index versus the broader S&P 500 Index from 2007 to 2011:  The return of the Customer Experience Leaders portfolio was 128% higher than the Laggards, and 27% higher than the S&P 500. Their results strongly suggest that delivering leading customer experience allows these companies to dramatically outperform the market.

But what’s the way to become a Customer Experience Guru?

To deliver Amazing Customer Experiences, one must accept the principle that meeting the needs of today over-connected customers (described in “Digital is no more an option“)  is a universal truth for running and operating a successful business.

To meet those needs, organizations will have first to digitalize their business processes and acquire innovative social business tools which will provide them:

  • A People-first experience designed to bring companies closer to their customers
  • Persuasive connections and communications inside and outside organizations
  • Personal experiences delivered across every interaction and engagement

This will result in:

  • assuring co-workers onboarding in the digital transformations by providing them a unique and friendly experience of driving  customers and businesses from anywhere (places and devices) at any time
  • increasing collaboration beyond sales team to customers
  • raising a quality and impactful company digital imprint and by so generating new Customer acquisition engines
  • becoming a responsive Customer-centric organization

And this is key to make a business survive in this new digital business world.

To discover the one and only kind of business solutions that could drive such results for small to large and global companies, the place to be is Convergence EMEA 2013 at Barcelona from the 4th to the 6th of November.

Microsoft will unveil their new Business Solutions , Dynamics 2013, which will unlock organizations potential by empowering people for the activities & end-to-end experiences they value most through a family of devices and seamlessly integrated services